After the overwhelming success of the first 2 parts of Love and Relationship, I’ve decided to expand these posts to just Love and Life instead of focusing on just relationships. I will still talk about them from time to time. This post is focusing more on some childhood memories, people close to me, as well as a few other things that are really personal to me. I hope you all enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope that reading it helps someone in someway.

Growing up, my parents had me outdoors when they were at the hunting club (Borough Plantation). I am thankful for that, because there is nothing better than being outdoors. I am by no means a hunter, I will hunt from time to time. I am not avid about it though. I am into fishing when the fish are biting, otherwise it frustrates me to a degree when I’m just sitting there not catching anything. It is very peaceful sitting on the dock or being out in the middle of a lake. Some of my favorite memories growing up were when my parents took my friends and I to the club to fish. One of my favorite things to do is turkey hunt. It’s been awhile since I’ve been. The trip to Kansas with my family when I shot my first turkey is one of the best vacations that I’ve been on. The story of how I shot it is hilarious cause my brother Justin was getting so irritated with me. I lost my gloves, my mask, and I got stuck in a barbwire fence after we heard it. We find a tree to set up on and Justin is like, “Daulton put your mask on.”. At this time I realize, I don’t have a mask. At which point Justin gives me his and hides behind the tree, out the corner of my eye I see him poking his head out with a little branch in front to help hide his face. The turkey at this point is like 20 yards away, and I am shaking cause I’m so nervous. None the less, I make the shot and kill a beautiful bird.


My father will always be my hero. In recent years, some of the best times that we’ve had have involved fishing. Lake Murray, a few years back, we found the spot for rock fish. It was one of the craziest things I’ve seen, every single cast you made you had a fish hooked. The fish were hitting the bait on the surface. Such a rush. Not to mention, we have some of the best conversations when it’s nothing but a little chill in the air and quietness on an open lake. People have different definitions of heroes, whether it’s someone who risks their life to save another, someone who is always willing to help, and so many other things. My father is a hero to me because he represents all the qualities that I think a hero is. Kindness, integrity, dedication, loyalty, generosity, and passion are the qualities of a hero to me. I look up to my father because he possesses all of these. I’ve seen him show time and time again at home, on the job site, and in church all of these qualities.


In my life, I’ve dealt with a lot of heartache. The death of 2 people, who I thought were more so brothers to me than friends. One that I grew up with, Cody. So many great memories, between the massive nerf gun fights and the “sweet and sour sauce” on the intercom at the Lake House (inside joke only family there will understand). The night that we got into the Firefly. That night is the reason why I cannot drink that again. Cody and I spent all morning and half the afternoon by a toilet throwing up. Think our parents thought that was punishment enough and didn’t see fit to ground us. Haha! Every time I think of these, I get a smile on my face, laugh out loud, and I feel his presence with me. The other, Jason, is part of the reason why I haven’t went turkey hunting in awhile. Before his death, he had talked about taking me turkey hunting with him. So many great times at the Cabin, Carolina Palms house, and Cutleaf house. The arrow that Jason shot is still in the corner of my garage, there is no removing that broad head from the stud as long as I live here. Cody on the right. Jason on the left.

One thing that I’ve learned in life is that life is short. Life isn’t about the party. It’s about connecting with people, making friendships, making memories, and being happy. Part of the reason, I cut back on my drinking is that it’s no fun waking up with a hangover and wasting away the day. You got to go out and make the most of every single day that you have because you never when something will change. You aren’t promised tomorrow. Every day is a chance to make a happy ending, chance to change someone’s life, and a chance to change your life. People seem to always wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, and all life for happiness when all it takes is one choice to go out and do something about it.

Another thing that I’ve learned is the past is the past. As much as you want to change a mistake or something that happened you can’t. There’s four things you cannot recover: a stone once it’s thrown, a word after it’s said, the occasion after it’s missed, and the time after it’s gone. After so many mistakes and so many things said, it’s taken me years and years to realize these things. I hold myself to high standards, I don’t know why. I’ve always done it with everything that I do. When I break my code that I live my life by or I do something that isn’t held up to my standards that I set for myself, I get depressed. Some of the things that I live by are never give up on anybody, treat everyone like you want to be treated, respect your elders, keep your promises, always help someone in need, follow your heart and intuition, be quick to forgive, never hold hate in your heart, and so many other things (probably worthy of a blog post all on it’s own). I draw a lot of inspiration from Bushido (the code of the Samurai).


Through everything you go through in life, whether it’s the hardest things or simplest things. I believe that everything helps shape you into the man that God wants you to be. For the longest time, I didn’t know who I was. For years, I struggled to identify who I was. I was not comfortable in my skin. I didn’t like the way I looked. I am happy with the way I look today, and I am happy with the man I am today. I know that everything I’ve gone through in life, the hardships and the positive have helped me to become who God wants me to be.

I feel like doing this blog is helping people, all the positive feedback and messages that I’ve gotten have meant so much to me. I know that life is a roller coaster, there’s going to be ups and downs. I got such an amazing support system in my friends and family. If you feel like the world is against you, don’t hesitate to message me. I will help out as best as I can. In conclusion, I’ve said a lot of things in this post that are personal to me and I feel like I’ve opened up some. I hope that I’m able to help someone as much as writing this post has helped me.

“Your hardest times in life often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep faith. It will all be worth it in the end.”

Psalm 91

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