Hey everybody!

I have slowly been working on a few DIY Projects every once in awhile. Some involve pallets and some involve some old window panes. I have a bunch of pallets saved up from some of our jobs, which I am splitting with my brothers.  Majority of the pictures are pictures I got off the internet, with the exception of the ones below and the pallet Christmas tree. This blog is pretty much, summing up the numerous DIY Projects that I am working on at the moment (which is a lot). I’m going to spend a few hours this weekend cutting the wood off some of the pallets and gathering up a bunch of the pallet wood to keep at my house for when it comes time to put it together. I’m trying to decide between some more pallet book/DVD/wine rack or making a few more of the coffee cup holders which I’ll show you both below. I’m also going to grab a few of the whole pallets that are in decent condition for a project, which is listed below.


Another pallet project, that I’ve been working on is a coffee cup holder. I’m almost done with that besides getting the lettering to spray paint coffee on the front of it. I made it wide enough to get it into 2 studs. If I can’t find a stud, however, I’ll just use some zip-its. Which, by the way, come in handy so many times at home and on the job site. Some hold up to 80 lbs (probably even more). Which is plenty for a coffee cup holder. I may add some more hooks to it before putting it up on the wall. I’m not exactly sure though. I don’t want to make it crowded.


One of my window pane projects that I’m wanting to work on is a mirror box table using the pane as the lid. I think it’ll come in handy with a bunch of family pictures and heirlooms that have been given to me. My great grandfather gave me one of his harmonica, pocket knife, small bible, and a little booklet with a bunch of different knots in it and how to tie them. I got a picture of my grandpa when he was about my age. I got a ring from my father. The list goes on and on. I think it would be really neat though to build something to store all of it in. Unfortunately, I haven’t even begun working with the table. All that I’ve gotten done so far is sanding down the window pane. Something similar to the picture below with a few differences.


Another window pane project that I’m working on, which I think I will finish first, is just a simple window pane repainted and thread run across it with clothes pins to hold pictures on it. It would be really awesome with all the adventures that I take each year, to be able to hang my favorite pictures up. Maybe even the tickets and anything else that I find memorable. Something similar to the picture below.


With Halloween fast approaching as well as the Fall season finally here (Holla!). I’m going to post a few of the ideas that I am working on at the moment. Once I finish a few of them, I’ll post a DIY on how to do them. Most of them are pretty simple. It’s just tough finding time to work on them. Hard to balance work, working out, as well as my other hobbies. I’m always tired or sore.

On a side note, I’m trying to get more organized in my life, at my house, and with all my other hobbies (I got a bunch). I’ve gone through some of my kitchen cabinets, drawers in my room, and closets. I got to do the garage, attic, spare bedroom, office, and few other kitchen cabinets left. I got a ton of boxes of decorations upstairs in the attic. I think my cousin, Brendan is going to move in with me. I need to get a few things straight before he starts moving boxes over.  Perhaps, I’ll do a blog post about organization?


Back to the DIY blog. I found this really cool idea that you can flip around for 2 different seasons. One side is a scarecrow for Fall, the other side is a snowman for Christmas. This is definitely something that I am interested in making. Which, I have a feeling once I make any of these that my mother is going to want me to make her a few of these. Speaking of making things for my mom, I made her one of these for her and I plan on making a few of them for people. If I get lucky enough to get a few decent looking pallets, I might make some, sell them, and donate the money to a charity of some sort. Perhaps take the money and buy some toys to donate to my church to give away. I’ll figure it out once the time comes.


I think the overall moral of this DIY blog is very simple, finish one project before moving to the next project. Haha! I need to focus on one thing. I always have a million things going on in my mind between work, fitness, life in general, blog posts (I have about 5 saved that I have been working on), as well as so many other things. Anyways, if anyone has any questions about making any of these DIY projects, just message me and let me know. Within the next week or so, you should be able to expect another DIY project with some of the finished projects in it. Later this week, I will be posting another post. Super excited for everyone to see! Have a great night and a great week!

Also,  a very special thanks to Allison Fryer for letting me get a few of the window panes! You are beyond awesome!

“Find three hobbies you love: one to make money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.”

Psalm 91

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